The Peculiar Genius of Bjork (New York Times)

Bjork is a psychic. 

I am in a deep, dark, possibly inappropriate love affair with Bjork again. Oh how I've missed her. I long for the intense sense of self that she possesses, her utter lack of caring what anyone else thinks, creating something so unique and so intensely her that it is utterly undeniable. I have a lot of affinity for her music, but also her process and the way she talks about making music, making art, and being creative. Psychics are the seers, they have vision, and they create change where energy has been stagnant. She's a healer.

"Bjork comes in from the snow with a lunch of bread, cheese, pastries, yogurt and chocolate. She finished mixing her newest album two days ago, followed by a party to which she invited the girls’ choir that sang on “Biophilia,” the brass band that played on “Volta” and her knitting group, which meets Wednesday nights in Reykjavik. Bjork’s current knitting project is a lilac mohair sweater. She thinks she might have pulled a muscle from dancing. She puts on a pot of coffee."

Click the image below for a great New York Times article about her new album. 

WIlliam PacholskiComment