Join Me This Sunday at "The One That Got Away"

“We, all of us, are only here for an instant,” he said. “How we spend that time, amidst what beauty, what empathy, what love, is perhaps the ultimate question. The fact that we existed, worked like drones, bought a few things, and then died is not a life well-spent. The arts remind us why we live. They also remind us how we live.” - Joe Haj, Artistic Director of the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis

The first play in the Western canon, Aeschylus’ “The Persians,” was written by a soldier not to glorify his side’s victory over the Persians but to empathize with the defeated, with the grieving mothers and new widows. Some part of what we do in theatre lives in such a powerful place, such a holy place, a sacred place. Come celebrate lost love, grieve, and be healed. I hope you'll join us. 

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