First Videos of #totga Released

Visit for photos and videos.  Andrew Sa covering Beyoncé / Halo Photo credit

Visit for photos and videos. 
Andrew Sa covering Beyoncé / Halo
Photo credit

It was a truly magical night, and thank you to everyone who joined us at The Laugh Factory in Chicago to listen to some beautiful songs and stories about the one that got away. We had an amazing time putting this event together, and our audiences have been sending kudos our way for the last week. (see some below!)

I'll be rolling out videos of each song and story over the next few weeks, and eventually we'll release the full album so you can enjoy the entire evening in the future.

Here are the first two videos we've cut, and they are exemplary of the musicianship and artistry that was evident throughout the entire night.

This was an extremely meaningful night for me, as I got to curate songs for some of my favorite musicians, and also incorporate elements of meditation and energy work into the set with the audience. What a fun night!

Please leave comments, share these on social media, and send to your friends. I appreciate you taking the time to attend my event, watch the videos online, and share your thoughts. If you have a personal story, or would like to share your experience of the evening, please send it to me at!

Thank you, 
William Pacholski

"We told stories about lost loves, missed opportunities, misunderstandings, and bridges burned. We told stories about found loves, epiphanies, unconditional love and falteringly brave connections. We told stories about risking and gaining and losing and gratitude for risking, gaining and losing. We had much in common and nothing in common.

An epiphany: My authentic self must be enough. It simply must. 
Intimacy Happens. It just does. It happens when we risk asking, telling, hearing. It happens when we allow ourselves to bump into each other for a moment, an evening or a lifetime. If I let myself, if I choose to release my self-focus, I am changed by one story. I am changed by you. If I let myself. Whether we are together for five hours or five years." - Melissa Perrin from her blog.

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