The drawback of focusing only on "being in the moment"

"In the classical era the person who saw history in the light of the psyche, (or the myth) was the prophet, an Isaiah or Jeremiah; in the modern era the person who saw history in light of psyche was the artist, a Blake or Yeats. But now in this post-modern era the artists have become a degenerative priesthood; they have become not spirits of liberation, but merely the interior decorators of Plato's cave. The very history of our souls and the information we have evolved to embody has been obliterated, the universe has been shut out of our consciousness. To reclaim our history and culture as human beings we must be liberated of the absolute-ism of science, for science is as much a cult as Jim Jones in the jungle or any of the ancient religions. It claims to have all the answers and history has proven time and again that no single entity has a monopoly on truth. Scientists would warn you against a religious guru extolling some "esoteric" truth but in the same breath provide you with their own version of truth in the same tone, absolutely. In this way, as a revolutionary act of prophecy in an age of isolating and degenerative political science, mythology and your understanding of it is a unique and anarchic expression of your personal freedom - not a new and aspiring system of indoctrination.

To study mythology, one must go to a different kind of school than we are provided, for our schools teach only history in terms of technological 'advances' and economic power. I am talking about the re-sacralization of scholarship and culture. The ancient mystery school is long gone. So one must seek out new places and teachers that encourage one to journey inward through meditation or draw you out of the body to become a neutral observer who can read the details and edges of one's own life within the context of their personal mythology with objectivity. We are living in a materialistic civilization that is concerned almost exclusively with technology, power, and wealth; our obsession with solving and answering the great mysteries of our lives by buying a toaster or simply with the scientific method would look to the ancients like schizophrenia. The states of consciousness and the psychic experiences which are today marginalized, made shameful, and bemoaned as parlor tricks were central to their understanding of the universe and its machinations. Cultures, like artists, focus on different subject matters and media of expression; some develop mastery over the subtle bodies, others choose to express themselves with rockets and moon walks in space suits. Both are valuable but not at the expense of the other. 

Myth is the history of our souls. Each stage of our evolution generates a new, appropriate story. As the spiral of time-history turns, one archetypical story becomes the recapitulation of the old, the performance of the new, and the overture of what is to come. Isis and Osiris are a new version of the Neolithic Mother Godess and the dying adolescent lover, and will become the story of Mary and Jesus. The myths have always remained the same and within them is the key to your own psychic and spiritual growth and evolution. Understanding yourself depends on your understanding these stories and your place in them, for they are affecting you daily. It is all well and good to be "in the moment" but if you have no understanding of the moment you are in, and the context of that moment in your personal myth, and the myths perpetrated upon you by your culture, then the moment is a lost opportunity and you receive nothing. You are unconscious to these myths and their importance to your life because they have been taken away from you, hidden from sight on purpose. Someone has an agenda to disempower you from ever truly knowing who you are, where you come from, and all that you are capable of being."

- "The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light" by William Thompson

WIlliam PacholskiComment