The Super Man Psychic Reading

60 Minutes / $100
Available via Webcam only (Skype, FaceTime, Webex)

It is popular in our culture today, but the idea of supermen is as old as the world. Legends of all ancient peoples are full of this archetype and these cultural images. Heroes of myths like Prometheus who brought fire from heaven; prophets, messiahs and saints of all religions; heroes of fairy tales and epic songs; knights who rescue captive princesses, win wars against odds, awake sleeping beauties, vanquish dragons, and fight giants and ogres—all these are pictures of a superman - someone whose energy and ability is stronger, more complex, more “ miraculous “, than ordinary men. 

As young men we grow up idolizing and emulating these fictitious pictures, judging our accomplishments and abilities by these nearly impossible standards - and for good reason. This concept of a strong, powerful being, against whom ordinary men cannot fight, who surpasses them in strength, bravery and cunning, and whose power always has in it something mysterious, magical, and miraculous!

In this psychic reading, I'll take a look at your unique male energy from this evocative perspective. In the reading, I'll uncover and shine light on your secret powers, hidden talents and the unique way you have of working miracles in your own life. 

The secret to having super powers doesn’t lie in some kind of extraordinary skill over other men, or judging yourself by these impossible standards - but rather connecting in an intimate way to the energy which makes you unique and strong within your own set of life circumstances.

When you can harness this energy and use it to further your goals and aims, from a place of authenticity and clear seeing, you are truly the “man of steel”. 

Our society fantasizes and dreams of a time when a "Superman" will return to show us the path towards the future. What if the Super Men are already here, and what if you are one of them? 

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