The Mutiplicity

"Underlying this field of multiplicity, then, there is mystery. And this is the mystery of our being, the mystery of the being of the universe, the mystery of the being of all things. And the word for 'hidden' is 'occult.'

"Now all experiences of the occult, no matter how interpreted, tend to suggest, at least to our feelings, if not also to our intellect, that behind the veil of this temporal-spatial experience-field of ours there is a deeper, truer field, which now and then may reveal itself to us, or into which we may drop; and in such a moment of self giving one may have the sense of being overwhelmed by an impulse from the center of one's own being. As we read in the Katha Upanishad:

" 'Though it is hidden in all things,
That True Self shines not forth.
Yet it is seen by subtle seers
Of superior, subtle intellect.' "

- Joseph Campbell, "The Occult in Myth and Literature," The Mythic Dimension,