Wave as you go by!

Image courtesy of Judy Kirpich and Grafik.com

The purpose of my blog is mostly to save stuff that I find so I can someday come back and revisit it. The fact that it's public is secondary to it's purpose - and it is always surprising when someone tells me they read something on it. I hope that some of these posts inspire you to consider your own experiences in new ways, as they have me. 

That said, I haven't really been writing my own content, but this morning I woke at about 2am in a lucid dream. In the dream I was talking to a wave while I was sitting on a beach and it was communicating to me on the nature of creativity and what I remember was quite striking. It went something like this. 

To be creative is to be a like a wave. A wave is part of the sea, it is of the sea itself. But a wave pulls back from shore, and when it pulls back, people notice that there is now more beach, or land or whatever. They notice the absence of the water pulling back. It is a noticeable thing. 

A wave pulls back to the open sea to gather strength, to add to its power. It rolls back into where it came from, into its creator, into itself. From there it find inspiration and impetus to express. 

With this newfound sense of purpose, a wave rolls forward and by rolling, gains momentum and becomes something more than the sea, more than what it is made of. As it leans into its strength in this way, it builds higher and higher until it crests - until it finds the farthest most distance it can achieve from its origin. People, as they create, are very much like this and this process is mirrored in man. Each wave is different when it expresses. Each wave can achieve, in its turn, it's own furthest distance from its origin. There is no competition in this way as each wave calls upon its own origin and its own impetus to express its highest vibration of creativity. 

Of course, eventually the wave hits the beach, where it crashes and soaks everyone - this is also a very noticeable thing. And the wave is destroyed, breaking up into smaller pieces that become parts of other waves. This is also as man is. Creativity of this nature is noticeable - both when it begins and when it ends. It is natural, it is in agreement with the patterns of life. 

Where are you in your creative process in your art? In your life? Are you pulling back? Are people noticing you withdrawing from the beach? Are you beginning to roll forward? Are you feeling the momentum propelling you forward? Are you crashing joyously on the beach?