“Yet clearly a physical break exists in the story of mankind. We have six thousand years of history, perhaps ten thousand more of legend. Beyond, darkness. Then, far farther back, once again clear traces of men we can recognise and to some extent understand. It is a strange fact that we know more of mankind twenty thousand years ago than ten.

Did man make some great mistake which had to be expunged? Did he merely pass through some terrestrial interval which no more depended on him, than a thunderstorm on a cloud of summer gnats? Were both factors human fate and cosmic pulsation - equally involved? We do not know. It is only clear that some master-key to the human story is lost.

The further back history goes, the greater the monuments, the more exact the knowledge. The predynastic Sphinx and Great Pyramid are both vaster in concept and more meaningful in detail than all that comes after.

In Peru, pre-Inca architecture is more perfect than Inca, and the fabulously ancient ruins of Tiahuanaco, in which stone blocks weighing forty tons are trimmed and dovetailed like plaster, more perfect still. Many of man's strangest achievements have no known origin. As Ignatius Donnelly points out, no animal has been domesticated within human memory: all those which are domestic now were already domesticated. How and by whom?”

- Rodney Collin

WIlliam PacholskiComment