Phantom Note

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day trappings of life; jobs and errands and to do lists and self-importance, and all that made up stuff we've created as a way to express ourselves that usually ends up just distracting us. It's equally easy to ascend, to be "above it all" and lose sight of what is tangible to the senses, the lived experience. To "lose" yourself in your art, your science, your job, whatever. What's nearly impossible is to hold attention in that magical space in between - that place where you just wake from a dream and you're in both places at once, the place where you are aware of your psychic energy and the personal myth that is alive and well and happening in the background of this day to day life, mostly unattended and unnoticed. 

This is the place of the demigods - not quite mortal and not quite immortal. The ancients understood this, they knew this place. Betwixt and between. We've lost this in our current culture. It's the hardest place to hold your attention - most people get a momentary glimpse of it twice, maybe three times in their lives. But this is who you truly are - not just chemical compounds and earthen material, not just a spiritual energy floating thru space. You are betwixt and between these things. You can ignore either part of you at the the peril of the whole. All the ancient myths and stories tell us this so clearly. But aside from the warnings of missing out on either or both of these things, what those stories and myths tell us is that the "demigods" are in unique command of both. You have the power to dream. You have the power to make things real. When you are in this space - suspended between heaven and hell, real and not real, magic and normal - You have command of both. Because you are of both. This is the unique position that one in between has been given. 

Theater began around campfires as rituals to help break the spell of literal time to reveal the spirit of things. Theater occupies a unique place in the world because we literally watching something real and unreal happen in present time. It's magic. True theater activates the myths within us and brings them kicking and screaming to the surface. We see ourselves onstage, while we see a person pretending to be someone else. Everything is suspended in disbelief. Only then can truth come to the forefront. 

All art comes from this place, this is why it moves the soul. Everyone is an artist - not because everyone is "talented" - talent and artistry are two completely different things. We've confused artistry and imagination. Imagination is the raw material that the artist uses to spin their thread. The thread becomes a beautiful rug. Because everyone has this space within them - because they have a soul, all people are artists. Most people think that they need to create Art to be an artist - that's hogwash. Your life is your art. Living a life that is suspended between these two things, knowing yourself - is an art. Being able to function in the real world, and also in the world of the spirit, of mythology, of psychic awareness - balancing those two things - that's artistry.

 If you've ever played music you know that a triad completes itself when you play two notes - there's a "phantom" note you hear even when it's not played. This is who we really are, this third thing. This is what makes us so extraordinary, so uncommon in the known universe. We inhabit this awkward place in between things and it's hard, and challenging, and we're all screwing it up all the time- but it's glorious. It's art. And it's so so so glorious.

WIlliam PacholskiComment