The Nature of Healing

This morning I was sitting outside at my coffee shop, enjoying the spring morning weather with my dog before a full day of appointments. I was taking some time to really be present with my neighborhood. So often, I find that I get so busy with my own comings and goings that I don't really make personal contact with the various strangers in my community. It sounds so sterile, but it's what I've been thinking about! So I was sitting there, not reading, not doing anything, just sitting with my cold brew and my dog, watching the world go by, nodding and saying good morning at those around me. 

A man rounded the corner with a very excited black Labrador dog. Immediately, Wilkes went into high alert. It was strange because his attention was directed right at me. He came towards me with the dog. 

He told me that he was a city worker and was cutting down a tree around the corner and this lost dog was wandering around. He wanted to leave the dog with me and was wondering what he should do. Would I care for the dog? Could I take it off his hands? 

Immediately, I went into resistance. My day did not include this new responsibility! I had a million things to do and take care of - and I had no space or time for this dog. 

Before I could even reply to the man, a woman seated a few tables down said very simply that she would take the dog and find it's owner. After a little negotiating of the details, the woman took the dog by the makeshift leash (the man's belt!) and began to care for it by talking to him, giving him attention and love. I turned and asked her if there was anything I could do to help her. 

She told me that yesterday she put her 13 year old dog to sleep and had been distraught all morning about it. She had come to the coffee shop because she couldn't bear to be alone at home without her beloved friend. I told her that it looked to me like her dog was sending her a beautiful message, and she agreed. She got teary eyed and thanked me for witnessing the whole thing, and that it seemed "unreal". I told her that it seemed very real to me, and that I felt lucky to be there to see it happen.

Healing often times comes from where we least expect it, and it rarely looks the way we think it will. Healing requires an openness to life. Healing is profound when we allow it to be. 

I was grateful to be reminded this morning that healing is happening all around us. That the potential to heal is always present. That it doesn't require doing anything, just simply being - and letting the world give to us wherever we're hurt or in pain. 

I was also grateful to be reminded that being a healer sometimes is a passive role; just witnessing or being the one to route energy is often times when we are most effective. How quickly I jumped to being responsible for everyone and everything around me! Healing is most effective from a place of no responsibility, no effort, and just witnessing the Magic. The world doesn't need you to heal it. People don't need you to heal them. What we need are more people to acknowledge and witness the healing that is taking place around us all the time.