Kids are naturals at Meditation!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the unique pleasure of teaching some basic psychic meditation tools to a class of middle schoolers at the Dennis Lab School in Decatur, IL at the invitation of their teacher, Keith Creighton.

The students were working with a variety of experts and practitioners in efforts to explore the topic of emotions. I worked with them for about an hour and showed them tools to manage their emotions, release the energy of excess or unwanted emotions, and replenish with their own unique vibration. They were meditation naturals!

Their teacher had this to say about the experience:

"We thought the lesson that day went great! The students were engaged and really into it, and I thought you did an incredible job at accepting all responses when it would have been just as easy to dismiss or correct them. You made them feel safe enough to go outside of their comfort zone. I know that it has had a lasting impact on them too. After meeting with all of our experts, the students have decided to conduct some social science experiments to determine better ways to handle their emotions. In many of the experiments, they want to have some kind of meditation like you led. In fact, I would say that their learning from you has been mentioned more often than any of the other experts they met with."

I find that because the type of meditation I work with is experiential and allows lots of permission for self-exploration and expression, it's often incredibly effective and fun.

I offer meditation workshops for business settings, educational settings, actors and creatives, and others interested in turning on their psychic awareness to energy. Some of the upcoming workshops and classes I'm teaching include:

Healing the Warrior - A Meditation Workshop for Men in Portland, OR
Intro to Psychic Meditation - A Six Week Class in Portland, OR and Online via webcam
Men's Drop-In Meditation Night in Portland, OR
Spirit and Gender, An Online Meditation Workshop (with Kris Cahill) via webcam

I can also work with you to develop a meditation experience online or in-person that is custom to your group. Contact me for details!