Daily Tarot Reading #8 - May 10th

Today's daily tarot reading is for my 529 followers as of 8am this morning. This reading represents an energy that all of us are aligned to, tho its influence may be different for each person. I will read the card below, tho you may need to do your own "reading" as to how it applies to you - that's the fun! To have your energy be a part of future readings, follow me on Instagram. 

Today’s energy is aligned to The 5 of Cups. Pulling this card means that collectively, this group is working today on pulling our energy out of the past so that we can recognize opportunities and growth that are waiting for us in the present. 

Often, when we consider the past it is with an attitude of “I’m better than that” or “it wasn’t good enough for me”, or even “those were the days!” which actually creates a sticky energy and we don’t fully extract ourselves from it. It’s also not about simply letting go or glossing over it - you have to actively call your energy from where it has been stuck (even the good stuff!) or you will lose a part of you to it. Forgive or celebrate yourself for being in that situation - and then bring your energy into the present. With more of your energy in the present, this gives you the most exciting freedom - imagine a future that is no longer linked to the successes and failures of the past, and you can truly create with your free will whatever seems and feels right moving forward. Having more of your energy in the present allows you to create more of what you want. 

The song that matches todays energy is this beautiful cover of “Summertime Sadness” by Megan Davies.

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