Daily Tarot Reading #11 - May 14

Today's daily tarot reading is for my 537 instagram followers as of 9am this morning. This reading represents an energy that all of us are aligned to, tho its influence may be different for each person. I will read the card below, tho you may need to do your own "reading" as to how it applies to you - that's the fun!

The Eight of Pentacles is the card of apprenticeship - whatever you are putting your energy into in terms of your work, education, or relationships may be moving slowly and methodically because you are in the energy of concentrated determination or a diligent and hard-working attitude - in short, you are doing the work. This card also supports an energy of singular attention - so it is ok to let some of your other considerations fade to the background momentarily while you cultivate mastery of this space, skill, reality or relationship. 

The Eight of Pentacles also supports you energetically to keep doing what you are doing as it will lead you to what you seek. Allies and support will appear to you as needed, to support your continued study. It may not be as apparent as you may like but events are unfolding that will lead you to the right path. Continue the work you have begun within, and stay the course. Avoid perfectionism and allow yourself to create with play. 

If you struggle to see how this reading applies to you, ask yourself what new thing, person, or idea you are curious about, interested in, or feeling passionate towards at the moment, no matter how small, and lean in to it. See what happens. 

This morning’s reading is coming to you from Spyhouse coffee in NE Minneapolis, I am here teaching a Psychic Meditation for Actor’s workshop later today! For more readings, visit my blog: williampacholski.com/journal

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