Daily Tarot Reading #12 - May 15th

Today's daily tarot reading is for my 538 instagram followers as of 9am this morning. This reading represents an energy that all of us are aligned to, tho its influence may be different for each person. I will read the card below, tho you may need to do your own "reading" as to how it applies to you - that's the fun!

The Death card is probably the misunderstood of all the cards in the Tarot deck. In truth, this card represents one of the most optimistic energies available to you.

The energy of today supports the ending of a major phase or aspect of your life that may bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and important. It’s funny, everywhere I’ve been lately (geographically) - Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland - has been in winter’s grip just slightly longer than usual, but this weekend feels like the true turning point into the new season. Also, the last 13 days of card pulls has been leading up to this reading. It’s time. Tomorrow’s reading starts a new pattern in energy. That’s what this card represents.

If you resist endings (and most of us do), you may experience pain; spiritually, emotionally, and physically. But if you live into your discomfort and fear - in yoga language, breathe through it - you can exercise your creative imagination and see for yourself new possibilities. The goal is to have command of your transition in a fruitful way - towards a fuller, more fulfilled life of deeper meaning, expression and significance. New trees grow from the fallen, nourishing trunks of dead trees, and all that jazz.

On a final note, the death card shows the rider as a skeleton - the only part of the human body that “survives” death. The energy today supports aligning to your highest truth, your most core self - the part of your energy that you express and survives death - either in spirit if you believe in that, or at least in the memories of friends and loved ones, or in the things you create. Today is a good time to review what you are cultivating that will live on once you're gone. Into what things are you putting your soul and energy? For some people, it is family and children, the core relationships that represent your life. For some, they are teachers, putting energy into helping others individuate and actualize and learn. For others, it is artistic projects or creations, creating a lasting expression of an emotion, thoughts, concept or idea. All of these things are necessary and valid. Which ones are you cultivating and are they the ones you want? Are you fulfilled? Death comes to us all, and this reading should serve as a reminder that everything ends, even you. 

Today’s energy is aligned to the beautiful and brilliant song “Fire Escape” by Fanfarlo. 

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