Daily Tarot Reading #21 - May 30

Today's daily tarot reading is for my 557 instagram followers as of 11am this morning. This reading represents an energy that all of us are aligned to, tho its influence may be different for each person. I will read the card below, tho you may need to do your own "reading" as to how it applies to you - that's the fun! 

One thing that I’m noticing is that in the last 7 days, the energy has been very up and down - vacillating wildly each day from joy and enthusiasm to challenge, difficulty and irritation or pain. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing this in your own life, if you look back on the last week. It’s helpful to know that while this is your experience of the energy, it is actually just energy stimulating different parts of you - a little bit like weather, and so while it is YOU - it also isn’t you. 

The energy of today, the Five of Cups, suggests letting go of the past and encourages a shift to end blaming everyone and everything for all that has come to pass. Forgiveness can only come when you step out of blaming other people, places, and things for what your experience is or has been. Blame is a tricky energy because it absolves you of responsibility for your own experience - all of your energy is caught up in someone else’s influence on your life in the past - or the future. Ending the cycle of blame is an incredible healing, and allows more of your energy to come into present time so you can change things - or yourself - and move forward in the way you want. 

The energy of today is aligned to the song “Only This Moment” by Royksopp.