Daily Tarot Reading #3 - May 5

Good Morning!! Today's daily tarot reading is for my 504 followers as of 9am this morning. The card for today's energy is the The Chariot. This card represents an energy that all of us are working, tho the expression of its influence may be different for each person. I will read the card below, tho you may need to do your own "reading" as to how it applies to you - that's the fun!

The Chariot represents will. The energy of today indicates you will need he strength of your willpower to create today. You must be unwavering, self-disciplined, and yet - completely effortless in your power. The use of effort or “trying harder” will only gum up the energy - you must effortlessly use the energy of your will and apply it to your goals. If the Chariot was a GoT character, it would be Daenerys Targaryen - especially in Season 4 when she says, “I will do what Queens do, I will Rule.” If you can find this balance of confidence, application of will, and non-effort - you will accomplish your goals. This is how the experience of resistance make you stronger.

The Chariot asks you to come to terms with the shadow of will - your own aggression - or creating by subjugating or having power over others. Aggression cannot be simply suppressed; to do so will only turn it inward on yourself, leaving it to manifest itself in the form of physical illness or self-punishment. The energy of today indicates that you can only achieve control of the situation by being in control of yourself, not others. Today is a good day to reflect where you have given up control of your own will to control the will of others, let go, and reclaim what is rightfully yours, and the only thing you can rightfully control - you.

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Have an excellent day!

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