Detailed Session Descriptions


Men’s Reading (45 minutes)

Men experience energy differently than women; it is a healing for men to separate out from the responsibilities and demands of their daily lives to find their own perspective, healing vibration, and energy. From this place of being "outside of it all", a man can find his will to create with renewed enthusiasm, vigor, clarity, and passion. As a sensitive man myself, I know first hand the value of receiving a reading from another man - no frills, no “woowoo” - just a hello to where you’re working and where you may have gotten caught or stuck. No matter what you are creating in your life - in art, in business, in relationships, or even just your own private dreams and goals, this reading is meant to support that by creating a space outside of your day to day life where you can reconnect to your own spirit, vital energy, and truth.


Psychic Reading & Healing (30, 60, 90 minutes)
Varies by time

Readings are all about getting clarity and perspective on the energy in and of your life. Sometimes it is specific to your day to day, sometimes it is more about bigger patterns of energy and how they are playing out over time in the different aspects of you. During the appointment you're welcome to ask questions, so come prepared! The final 5-10 minutes of the session are devoted to a unique spiritual healing technique that will leave you feeling lighter and help you integrate the communication from the appointment.

Healing the Healer Reading & Healing (60 minutes)

If you're in the space of being a service provider - a teacher, healer, coach, intuitive, psychic, etc - you handle a unique and very specific bandwidth of energy in your awareness. Often times it is difficult to know, after a while, what is your energy and what is the accumulated energy from your past and current clients, students, or customers. In this appointment, I will take a look Clairvoyantly at your space to help you discern and remove this extra layer of energy. The final part of the session will provide a healing to your ability to create and have more of the kinds of work you want in your practice or business.


Entrepreneurship Reading & Healing (60 minutes)

We live in a time of accelerated growth, change, and communication. Whether you are starting a new business, experiencing the "sophomore slump", or wanting to level up your practice or organization to a new level of mastery, expertise, and creativity - this reading is a special offering to address the specific and unique energy that business owners and creatives working in the world today handle. Especially meant for consultants, freelancers, and small business owners, my unique experience working in creative services for Fortune 100 companies as a freelance consultant for over 15 years gives me unique insight to see and heal the specific energy in this space.


Trance-Medium Spiritual Healing (45 minutes)

In this unique 45 minute healing I work the energy of our session at a high trance-medium healing vibration to create rapid movement and change in your energy. The first half hour I address your healing request, which you can include in the notes when you make the appointment. Be as specific as possible. The last fifteen minutes I work with the ascended masters as guides to give counsel and further insight.


Trance-Medium Spiritual Healing Package (120 minutes, 4 sessions of 30 minutes)

A healing package is a targeted approach at uncovering and resolving stuck psychic energy in a particular area or aspect of your life. These are 30 minute sessions held about once a week over 4 weeks (2 Hours total). They are a unique opportunity to deep dive into blocks and through a practice of consistent and persistent healing, move core energies while creating magic and movement. In the first session, we'll identify the healing request you'd like to work, and then set up the weekly appointment schedule together. I do the first session in person or by phone/webcam (your choice) and then all follow ups are by phone and webcam only.


Home & Office Healings (60 minutes, 2 sessions of 30 minutes)
$195 + Travel if requested

House healings are a unique way to work the energy of your home, office, or other physical places that you work, live, and play in. In these unique two part sessions, I will first read the energy in these spaces and places with specificity and help to move out foreign or past-time energies that may have "parked" there. I will work with my spirit guides to set up a 12-18 hour healing cycle that creates consistent and persistent movement. The next day, I will work a final movement to help set the energy in the space at the vibration that you want it to be set at. Because of the unique nature of this Healing, the first part is done either in person or by phone/webcam, the second part is done by phone/webcam only.

Please note, as part of this service I do not actually come to your home or office, but will come to your location for an additional fee based on transportation cost and time, location, and other factors. Travel charge is between $75-$100 in the Portland metro, travel and per diem costs for out of town travel. Contact me for details.