William Pacholski

1722 NW Raleigh St, #402
Portland, OR 97209
1-833-284-3258 x700
located inside the Activspace Building at 18th/Raleigh


I am the Owner and Director of the Portland Psychic School, and spend the majority of my time teaching others how to read energy, meditate, and heal. I have a limited private practice and only take a few clients per week. All readings and healings are by appointment, I do not accept “walk in” clients.

I occasionally get asked for special rates or discounts, for this I offer Aura Readings and Past Life Readings given by students in my psychic training program. They are offered during the week at a variety of in-person and online times - and cost only $25 for an hour reading. These sessions are overseen by a psychic teacher and are really fun and valuable. Click here to learn more.


I am enthusiastic about psychic readings and healings as a way to help others find and help themselves; to understand the way energy impacts them, seeing how they can take back autonomy and ownership of their lives, and move forward towards their spiritual and creative goals. I have given tens of thousands of readings and healings since I started my practice over a decade ago, and am a full time psychic and psychic teacher. Reading and healing is a passion and vocation for me; I am working with energy as a psychic every single day - both for myself, and for my clients and students. 

Naturally sensitive to energy my whole life, I have spent the last 15 years on a dedicated path learning about energy, spirit, clairvoyant, mediumship and creativity. While being self-employed as a Consulting Producer and Creative Director for Fortune 100 companies, as well as creating my own personal theatrical projects, I somehow managed to complete over 2000 hours of training in Clairvoyance, Healing, Mediumship, Meditation, and various other kinds of energy work. I am grateful to find myself entering the second half of my life in a place where I feel comfortable and capable helping others learn about these things, too.

Bringing together all my experiences with my own creativity is exciting and fulfilling in a way that I never imagined. I am passionate about bringing spiritual awareness, Clairvoyant abilities, Trance Channeling, Mediumship, and Meditation tools forward in a new form that speaks to modern, urban lifestyles. I never thought this is what I’d be doing with my life - but I am full of gratitude - knowing from my own personal experience and seeing firsthand in others the change and magic that is possible.

I have an affinity for working with other men on a spiritual path, visual artists, musicians, actors, writers, and all manner of creatives - but I love reading and healing with a passion, so I am happy to work with anyone who is curious, interested, and seeking new information and a renewed sense of self in the world.

I believe that reading and healing with energy is an art not a science, and I am proud to bring my own individual style, perspective, and creativity to this ancient art form practiced and handed down through the millennia via a lineage of seers, oracles, soothsayers, and wisdom seekers in the Western Tradition.

I am the founder and director of Portland Psychic School, which offers psychic development classes and training programs both in Portland, Oregon - and online around the world via webcam.

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