Frequently Asked Questions


What do you offer?

Readings are all about getting clarity and perspective on the energy in - and of - your life. Sometimes the energy that I see is specific to your day to day, sometimes it is more about bigger patterns and how they are playing out over time in the different aspects of your experience. I do not predict the future; I see many potential futures - it is my understanding that you are creating the future moment by moment, in the choices you make and in the energy that you choose to experience. My readings will always validate your free will and freedom to choose for yourself your next step and your path forward. In a typical reading, I cold read you for a bit and then offer time to dig into your questions.

Healings are all about getting energy in movement; sometimes you can’t put out the fire from inside the house and it’s nice to get help releasing stuff. Think of it like a spa treatment for your spirit. In a healing, the nice thing is you can have what you’re ready to have without being forced to move energy or change things you’re not ready to change. When I work as a Trance-Medium, I am working at a high spiritual vibration as a healing channel. I work with the Ascended Masters as guides for healing and communication.

Healing Bundles are persistent and consistent healing around a specific area of your life or place where you feel you have been stuck for a long time. The healing happens both in the appointment, and in between sessions. There is a cumulative effect of working with me over several weeks in this way.

What happens in my session?

All appointments are private, so information you give me and questions you ask are not shared and I do not allow observers or guests into your session. For online and phone appointments, please be in a quiet space alone and free from distraction, pets, and other people. I ask my clients to be seated in a chair, awake and not meditating. Please don’t be laying in bed, or in a crowded place. It is not appropriate to be in a public place like an office, coffee shop, or car (even if you're parked) for an appointment. I record the appointment on my call service, and provide you with a streaming and download link after your session. You are welcome to take notes during, but most people wait for the recording after so they can be fully present. But, how you choose to have is up to you.

In person or Online, and what’s the difference?

I’ve been reading and healing online with a webcam since 2007. I wouldn’t offer the service if I didn’t feel that it was comparable to being in person. It is a very different experience than being in person, but not in any way “less” - it’s just different. The web service that I use is solid, reliable, and consistent which is why I’ve chosen it.

What is your cancellation or refund policy? How do you set your rates or why do your appointments cost what they cost?

I am not a “by the minute psychic” and I take pre-payment at the time you commit to our session, and create an agreement with me to work together. Please be certain that you are ready for your session and in agreement with the time, location, and details before you book. There are lots of practitioners out there, and I truly believe that you get what you pay for. Not all psychics are the same, and not all communication is of the same quality, and like all professional services my years of training, education, and experience all inform my rates. Trance-Medium Healings have a longer prep time and that is a more intricate - and rare - muscle for me to work, so the value of those session is higher.

How should I prepare for our session? What is your policy on recording the session?

There will always be time for questions, so focus on that. It is ok to ask big questions about vocation, calling, life purpose, but also mundane things like the energy of different job opportunities. It’s your time. You are welcome to make requests or include topics/questions in the notes of your appointment when you make it. I audio record all sessions and send you a download link by email, so you can keep the recording. There’s no other preparation required on your end.

How often should I get a reading or healing?

There’s no rule about this; I believe that people find their own way. I’ve had clients come in for sessions once a week or once a month for a period, and then I don’t see them for a year. Some clients come in once and that’s all they need from me. It’s really up to you - I am available for anyone who is interested in what I have to offer.