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William Pacholski
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William Pacholski, Psychic

All appointments are available in-person at my studio in NW Portland, over the phone, and on-line via webcam.  Use my easy booking tool below or call me directly at (971) 998-6380. I do not accept "walk-in" readings, but there is occasionally same day availability if you call or book online. 

When booking your appointment, please indicate in the "notes" field if you plan to experience by phone/webcam or in-person. Instructions for both are sent in the email confirmation. Alternative times are available for International clients if you contact me directly.


What to expect in a Reading & Healing


Clairvoyant Reading appointments are all about getting clarity and perspective on the energy in and of your life. During the first half I "cold" read you, telling you about the energy that I see; sometimes it is specific to your day to day, sometimes it is more about bigger patterns of energy and how they are playing out over time in the different aspects of you. During the remaining time you're welcome to ask questions, so come prepared! It is appropriate to ask the big picture questions about purpose, vocation, and meaning in your life. I do not predict the future;  I see many potential futures - In my practice, you are creating the future moment by moment, in the choices you make and in the energy that you choose to live in

Trance-Medium Reading & Healing appointments are set at a completely different tone. I act as an intermediary between you and spirit. I begin by looking specifically at your spiritual path, your past life karma, and your relationship between your body and spirit. It is possible in this session to facilitate communication through messages and pictures with relations who have passed. At the conclusion of this appointment I work in silence as spirit, giving a deep healing so you can find freedom and permission to move forward towards peace, forgiveness, and lightness of being. Occasionally, as part of this work I communicate with the Ascended Masters to help facilitate growth and next steps.

All appointments are a private space, so information you give me and questions you ask are not shared and I do not allow observers or guests into your session. For online and phone appointments, please be in a private, quiet space free from distraction, pets, and other people. It is preferred that you are seated in a chair, awake and not meditating. It is not appropriate to be in a public place like an office or coffee shop for a reading or healing. I record your Reading, and provide you with a streaming and download link after your session. You are welcome to take notes. 


About Me


I have given thousands of readings and healings in the 15 years since I started my reading practice. Reading and healing is a passion and vocation for me; I am working with energy as a psychic every single day. I have completed over two-thousand hours of training in Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Healing, and Spiritual Development.

I am enthusiastic about reading and healing as a way to help others find and help themselves; to understand the way energy impacts them, seeing how they can take back autonomy and ownership of their lives, and moving forward towards their spiritual and creative goals.

I have an affinity for working with other men on a spiritual path, artists, musicians, actors, writers, and all manner of creatives - but I love reading, and I am happy to read anyone who is curious, interested, and seeking new information and a renewed sense of self in the world.

Originally from the midwest, I have lived and spent time all over the country including San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis - but I have found my home among the foodies, Willamette River, old-grown forests, hipsters, and fellow "makers" of all kinds in Portland, Oregon. 



I’ve had several readings with William, and I can highly highly recommend him. He gets right to the heart of what I’m working with and I always leave feeling lighter and with new insights that are truly helpful.
— Florence, Client from Los Angeles
William made me feel at ease and gave me a heartfelt and insightful psychic reading. This was my first reading and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he is honest, detailed, has the perfect sense of humor.
— Estelle, Client from New York
Thank you very much for your time today. The reading was fantastic! Your images were very insightful and I left feeling like I received tremendous value from my time with you. I look forward to listening to the reading again.
— Mike, Client from Portland
...That time you read that you saw me with a winning lottery ticket and a few weeks later, I DID win ($400) ... or that time you and your simple words reminded me of my tremendous capacity to Love and Be Loved...” William is a sentient Being. True to himself, his beautiful practice, and anyone seeking inspiration and encouragement.
— Leticia, Client from Chicago
Becoming a client of William’s is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. He has a very powerful ability to see the spirit of his clients and to help us see ourselves more clearly. The greatest gift I feel I’ve received from my work with William is the abundant healing my creative expression has received. I’ve transitioned from merely dreaming of being a successful visual artist to having my own gallery and producing and selling my artwork. The tools that William works with and teaches are an integral part of my joyful progress as a fully actualized, fulfilled and stable grown-ass woman.
— Wendy, Client from Chicago
William has such a healing energy that he brings to his intuitive readings. I’ve had the pleasure of working with William with energy healings and readings and I can’t say enough about his amazing ability to see energy accurately and clearly to shed light on areas of my life that I feel stuck. Highly recommend this genuinely kind soul!
— Arsen, Client from Los Angeles

Portland Psychic School

Classes, trainings, and workshops available ONLINE and in Portland, Oregon

You have psychic experiences all the time. Often you know things you shouldn't know - you feel a creative impulse that takes you to an unexpected and magical outcome.  You have moments where see things very clearly about other people - or even yourself.  You're "reading" energy every day; at work, in relationships with family and friends, as a creative artist, performer, entrepreneur.  Being psychic is not about crystal balls, reading palms, telling fortunes, and lifting curses - being psychic is trusting your natural ability to experience energy - and the things you sense, see, and know. Portland Psychic School is a place to learn tools, share experiences, and become more confident in your abilities. A psychic seeks energy awareness so they can more fully embody their spirit and creativity to share with the world around them. Today's psychics are working in all areas of business, the arts, and commerce - they are the artists, healers, creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and the people changing the world.



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