William Pacholski
William Pacholski
Psychic Medium // Readings and Healings

William Pacholski

All appointments are available in-person at my studio in NW Portland, over the phone, and on-line via webcam. Alternative times are available for International clients if you contact me directly with your day/time request.

I work with clients during the following times:
Mondays -
4pm-6pm - Online/Phone Only
Thursdays - 11am-1pm - Online/Phone Only
Saturdays & Sundays - 2pm-4pm - Both in Person & Online/Phone
**please make sure you indicate in the “notes” field your intention to have the appointment in person or via web/phone.


What to Expect in a Session

Psychic Reading & Healing - $195 for an hour appointment
These appointments are all about getting clarity and perspective on the energy in and of your life. During the first half I "cold" read you, telling you about the energy that I see stimulated in your life; sometimes it is specific to your day to day, sometimes it is more about bigger patterns and how they are playing out over time in the different aspects of your experience. Once this is complete, and during the remaining time, you're welcome to ask questions, so come prepared! It is appropriate to ask the big picture questions about purpose, vocation, and meaning in your life.  I do not predict the future;  I see many potential futures - In my practice, you are creating the future moment by moment, in the choices you make and in the energy that you choose to live inMy readings will always validate your free will and freedom to choose for yourself your next step and your path forward.

Spiritual Healing Package - $325 for Four 30 minute appointments (once a week for a month)
These packages are a targeted approach at uncovering and resolving stuck psychic energy in a particular area or aspect of your life. In these sessions, which are 30 minutes a week for 4 weeks, it's an opportunity to deep dive into blocks and through a practice of consistent and persistent healing, move core energies to get to your truth and create magic and movement. In the first session, which is 40 minutes, we'll identify and clarify your healing request, and then set up the weekly appointment schedule together. I do the first session either in person or by phone/webcam, and then all follow ups are by phone and webcam only.

All appointments are private, so information you give me and questions you ask are not shared and I do not allow observers or guests into your session. For online and phone appointments, please be in a quiet space alone and free from distraction, pets, and other people. It is preferred that you are seated in a chair, awake and not meditating. It is not appropriate to be in a public place like an office, coffee shop, or car (even if you're parked) for an appointment. I record your Reading, and provide you with a streaming and download link after your session. You are welcome to take notes. 

I am often asked if I am a "medium"; there are many misconceptions about what that is and means because of representations in our culture and in the media. Most people who ask that simply want to know if I can communicate with people or pets who have passed, and the answer to that is yes -  this does come up and may happen in a session, however it is not the primary focus of my practice.

About Me

I am enthusiastic about psychic readings and healings as a way to help others find and help themselves; to understand the way energy impacts them, seeing how they can take back autonomy and ownership of their lives, and move forward towards their spiritual and creative goals. I have given tens of thousands of readings and healings since I started my practice over a decade ago, and am a full time psychic and psychic teacher. Reading and healing is a passion and vocation for me; I am working with energy as a psychic every single day - both for myself, and for my clients and students. 

I have an affinity for working with other men on a spiritual path, artists, musicians, actors, writers, and all manner of creatives - but I love reading and healing with a passion, so I am happy to work with anyone who is curious, interested, and seeking new information and a renewed sense of self in the world. People often tell me that my readings are different from other psychics they have been to, and I find this validating - in the end, I believe that reading energy is an art not a science, and I am proud to bring my own individual style to this ancient art form practiced and handed down through the millennia through a lineage of seers, soothsayers, and wisdom seekers.

I am the founder and director of Portland Psychic School, which offers psychic development classes and training programs both in Portland, Oregon and online around the world via webcam through the Online Psychic School.



I live overseas and he was accomodating with the time difference in order for me to have a reading by phone. He was able to quickly and without prompting indentify the struggles I’ve been having, which was astonishing - but even more important, he was able to dig deep into the heart of the matter and provide insight and perspective I wasn’t able to find for myself. His reading has helped me to re-direct and get back on track with my life.
— Keri, Client in Germany
Came to Portland for a weekend girls trip and decided to check him out. You can setup appointments online or call. William was great about calling me back. The reading was amazing, very accurate and very different than any reading I’ve ever had. He was spot on a lot of what I was going through and actually preformed the entire reading with his eyes closed. Which was amazing because I always assumed that there was a certain degree of my body language being read during my previous readings with psychics and mediums.
— Christine, Client in Portland
I’ve been lucky enough to have William as a teacher, while also experiencing his abilities as a reader. He’s very forthcoming and engaging, offering a clear understanding of what’s being shared. The reading was helpful and appropriately aligned w/ my current life circumstances. William creates a safe, relaxed and reassuring space. I highly recommend him for a reading or as a teacher!! You won’t be disappointed!
— Jessi, Client from Portland
Oh my, without knowing ANY background about me, William jumped right in to the crux of the issues I was dealing with for the past month. After working with William I felt immediately back to normal, which is something I have not felt in a long while. When reading other people’s energy, they act in the exact way that William describes them. Without going into the details, I will say I was astonished by his accuracy, his focus, also his sense of humor.
— Maria, Client from New York City
I’ve had several readings with William, and I can highly highly recommend him. He gets right to the heart of what I’m working with and I always leave feeling lighter and with new insights that are truly helpful.
— Florence, Client from Los Angeles
William made me feel at ease and gave me a heartfelt and insightful psychic reading. This was my first reading and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he is honest, detailed, has a great sense of humor.
— Estelle, Client from New York
Thank you very much for your time today. The reading was fantastic! Your images were very insightful and I left feeling like I received tremendous value from my time with you. I look forward to listening to the reading again.
— Mike, Client from Portland
I’ve had the pleasure of working with William through energy healings, readings, and as his student for over a year and I can’t say enough about his amazing ability to see energy accurately and clearly. Highly recommend this genuinely kind soul!
— Arsen, Client from Los Angeles